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Playing the Boy’s Game

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In every Hollywood movie the world of business is portrayed as a high stakes boy’s club of men in suits barking orders at their secretaries, trading stocks and making money fast. As a female business student, this stereotype of the business world is intimidating. Last month, Villanova hosted the 12th annual Presenting Opportunities for Women Conference. This year’s theme was A Perfect Fit: Women Finding Their Roles in The Fashion and Entertainment Industries. The conference included a presentation from Christine Dorfler, the CFO of NBC Universal Sports Group. Ms. Dorfler graduated from Villanova in 1997 with an accounting major and received her MBA from Drexel after serving in the army for 4 years. An employee of NBC since 2003, Ms. Dorfler has seen the company grow by acquire film industries, theme parks, and developing a streaming service. As of 2018, NBC was worth 8.6 billion and is reportedly the fast-growing media company with the fastest growing stock.

In Ms. Dorfler’s presentation, she discussed success in the entertainment industry. She highlighted the importance of creating relatable products, generating high demand and having passion for your work. Ms. Dorfler remarked that the media industry is fast moving, and recent trends focus less on the channel brand and more on content. Customers have a low tolerance for advertising and there is less of a want for live tv in lieu of binge r. In the future, as streaming services become more popular and more platforms are created, Ms. Dorfler predicts we will see different platforms consolidating in what she calls a “streaming wars.”

At the conclusion of her presentation, Ms. Dorfler offered general advice for women in business. She declared that success doesn’t take talent—it’s the small things that make you a good employee. It’s vital to be on time and have a good work ethic. Employers want to work with people who are coachable and have passion for what they do. The advice that I found the most valuable and I hope to implement in my career is that by going out of your comfort zone, you gain new experience and ultimately, it will make you more confident. Ms. Dorfler advises to be flexible in your methods while staying stubborn with your goals. She recommends owning your mistakes and acknowledging fears to become a stronger person. Ms. Dorfler credits her success to staying positive and having confidence in her abilities without expecting perfection. She reflected on how women in male dominated fields feel intimidated. In that case, you can’t focus on gender or let other people’s opinions make you feel out of place.

The POW Conference was beneficial for all female students concerned about entering a male dominated field. Ms. Dorfler’s success can serve to inspire younger women along the same path as an executive of a highly recognizable network. Her advice guides aspiring female business leaders to be the best worker they can be.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Who’s your female role model?


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